Sean Gray B.Tech,

I want to provide the most sensible and safe structural designs for builders on Vancouver Island. With my 20+ years in the residential construction industry. Since my schooling in Building technology and Architectural Drafting. I began to designing homes architecturally as I still do on occasion today. I quickly realized there was something missing in what was provided by the designers of the day. The homes and buildings looked great but it seemed how it went together was ignored or left to chance. I started my career in the Engineered wood industry detailing wood trusses and floor systems. Diving in to the building down to the nails and every piece used opens the eyes to much more than Great rooms and portico.

During this time, I also worked hands on several renovations and new construction projects. Working directly with the people who frame building daily has given insight in to the challenges of making everything come together. Following these experiences I had the opportunity for 7 years to begin fully designing building structure under David Mann Engineering. Diving into the books and formulas to ensure proper design, to on site inspecting and problem solving with builders. Eventually moving to a position with Precision Engineering Managing a full team of designers and engineers to provide efficient and economical engineering and home design services.

And now after 26 years, return to as a sole provider of the same high quality and understandable designs you have come to expect. I look forward to working with you